Copper oxide wire 1317-38-0

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Copper oxide wire

Another name】Filamentous copper oxide; Linear copper oxide.

【DescriptionBlack linear, from the diameter of 0.3mm-0.5mm copper wire firing, the length of 5mm-15mm, is a black linear solid, containing cupric oxide and copper metal slightly hygroscopic, easy to dissolve in acid, more difficult to dissolve in alkali, thermal stability.

Test items



Assay(as Cu) /%



Chloride(Cl) /%


Sulfur compounds(as SO4) /%


Total nitrogen(N) /%


Carbon compounds(as C) /%


UseUsed as oxidizing agent;Determination of carbon in gas analysis;Organic reaction catalyst;Manufacture of rayon and other copper compounds;Battery materials;Manufacture glazes and enamel;Insecticides.Green glass.