Sodium carbonate monohydrate 5968-11-6

Product Deail

Sodium carbonate monohydrate

Another nameCO.

【Description】Colorless rhombic crystal particles, density 2.25, melting point 851℃. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and ether. It is more stable in the air than anhydrous sodium carbonate. When exposed to the air, it absorbs carbon dioxide easily and gradually becomes sesquicarbonate.

Test items

High purity


Assay(Na2CO3•H2O) /%



Heavy metals (as Pb) /%


Iron(Fe) /%


Halides(as Cl-) /%


Reacts with ammonia solution of silver nitrate

Passes test

Free acid(as NaOH) /%


Bicarbonate(as NaHCO2) /%


Clarity of solution

Passes test

【Use】Photographic photography; Making photosensitive materials; Synthetic water treatment agents; Washing utensils.