Calcium hydroxide 1305-62-0

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Calcium hydroxide

Another name】Slaked lime;Hydrated lime.

【Description】It is a fine white powder with a slight bitter taste. It is easy to absorb carbon dioxide in the air and become calcium carbonate. It is heated to 552℃ and dehydrated into calcium oxide. Slightly soluble in water, aqueous solution is alkaline, and solubility decreases with the increase of temperature, soluble in ammonium salt, glycerol, can react with acid, the corresponding calcium salt, insoluble in alcohol.

Test items



Assay[Ca(OH)2] /%



Hydrochloric acid insoluble /%


Chloride(Cl) /%


Sulfur compounds(as SO4) /%


Iron(Fe) /%


Magnesium and alkali metal (MgO) /%


Heavy metals(as Pb) /%


Ammonia sediment /%


Use】Can be used to produce calcium carbonate; Carbon dioxide and other acid gas absorbent; Hard water softener; Disinfectant; Antacids. Pharmaceutical excipients; Food additives; Soil acid inhibitor; Depilatory cream; Buffer; Rubber and petrochemical additives; Organic synthesis.