Calcium sulfite dihydrate 10257-55-3

Product Deail

Calcium sulfite dihydrate

Physical property】White crystalline powder, can be made into balls.  Soluble in sulfurous acid, sulfur dioxide.  Slightly soluble in water and ethanol.  It gradually oxidizes in the air to calcium sulfate.  

Test items

High purity

Assay(CaSO3·2H2O) /% ≥99.0


Hydrochloric acid insoluble /% ≤0.1
Iron(Fe) /% ≤0.02
Heavy metals (as Pb) /% ≤0.001
Arsenic(As) /% ≤0.000 2

Use】A dechlorination agent for bleaching fabrics;  Decolorizing agent;  Used as an analytical reagent;  It is also used in papermaking and sugar industry.